Which App is Right For Your Travel Security Needs

When it comes to protecting your smartphone, the AVG antivirus app is the security tool you need to keep malware, viruses, and other dangers away. You can easily protect your information, files, media, and other aspects of your phone with this powerful security tool. Discover a few of the ways this mobile security app can assist you with keeping your information and your device secure.

Lock Phone Remotely

Unfortunately, there are times where your phone may be misplaced or you may have been a victim of theft. In that case, the AVG app allows you to lock your phone remotely from anyone gaining access to it. If you cannot retrieve the phone, there’s also the capability to wipe the device clean so that others cannot use your information.

Track the Phone

You also have the capabilities to track a lost phone via Google Maps. You can find out where you left it, go retrieve the phone and keep it out of the hands of would-be hackers.

Protection from Harmful Apps and Websites

Whether you’re browsing at home or on the go, you can be protected from downloading apps or accessing websites that would otherwise do your device harm. The app will run silently in the background scanning apps, files, and website connections ensuring you’re safe.

Affordable Protection

This free download for top antivirus protection is easy to use and affordable. You can check it out on Google Play, download it for free, and start protecting your phone right away. Not only does it protect your device, it also has other features such as killing tasks that may be draining your battery, optimizing the efficiency of your phone. Camera Trap is also an added feature allowing you to snap a photo of someone who’s trying to access your device.

These are just a few of the reasons that the AVG app is one of the top-rated security tools on the market.