Visiting India and sharing experiences with the family


India is a country of colour, people, sound and cultural glory. You can visit local bazaars, see wildlife, experience ancient history and relax as you learn the art of meditation.

The top places to visit are the Taj Mahal for its history and beauty, Jaisalmar Fort for a trip into the military past of the Bhatis, the Mughals of Delhi and the Rathores of Jodhpur and round off a holiday with the Buddhist Caves of Ajanta to find inner peace and tranquillity.

With all the beauty around you each day, you will want to share everything with those at home. Calling from the UK is very expensive; it costs 33.6p per minute with BT and often even more from a mobile and so communication can often be limited to email and social network communication. Catching up in this way is fine, but there’s nothing to beat an exciting call to explain the magic of where you are when a loved one phones you.

To enable your friends and family to call you at any time of the night and day for a fraction of the usual cost and to hear all about your amazing experiences , they can make cheap calls to India through Planet Numbers where it only costs 1p per minute from a UK landline.

Planet Numbers offer a great way to call almost any country in the world from the UK at a fraction of the cost. There’s no registration or account to set up, there’s no annual fee, hidden charges or long PIN number to remember, it’s simply a case of dialling a number called a call saver access number which is country unique, followed by the international number you or your friends want to reach and that’s all there is to it. The calls can be made from a landline or a mobile phone – in fact any kind of phone including a phone box with the resulting conversation being crystal clear.

For your family to contact you and at the same time make cheap calls from their landline, instead of just dialling the Indian number directly, they call 0843 715 7777 first (this is the call saver access number). At this point they will be connected to Planet Numbers and they will then hear a second dial tone. The final stage is to then dial the full Indian phone number they wish to reach including the international code.

As an example, to call a number in New Delhi, just dial 0843 715 7777 then 0091 + 11 + the local number. To end the call, it’s as simple as hanging up the phone.

Other countries are just as cost-effective to call; for example, the USA, Spain and Poland are 1p per minute, Australia is 1.5p and Singapore is only 0.5p per minute so wherever your travels take you to next, you can know that you can be reached for just a few pence to be able to share your amazing holiday adventures.