Top Tips for a Ski Holiday on the Cheap


Source: Flickr

There’s a common misconception that ski holidays are only for the rich. But in recent years younger people, right down to students, are managing to hit the slopes on the cheap. You don’t have to be a mega-rich business tycoon or an oil baron to get on the mountain this winter, and we’ve put together some tips on how to get out there for as little as possible.

Here you go:


Food and drink are a massive consideration on any holiday, but if you’ve been on a snow sports holiday before you’ll know how much more expensive it can be in the mountains. Supermarkets are tiny and charge through the roof, whilst bars and restaurants revel in their captive audiences.

Sidestep this problem by taking food with you. If you’re driving you can stop at a big market on the way to stock up, making lunch the morning before you hit the slopes. This doesn’t necessarily mean staying in all the time: it mainly means being conscious of your outgoing expenses and planning accordingly. You can have drinks at your apartment before you go out, and cook in a few nights so you can have a big night out the next. Whatever you’re thinking, plan ahead.

Shop Around

Compare, compare, compare! Sites like Snowfinders are great for comparing the deal you’re getting with others on offer elsewhere. Consider taking a last minute trip, leaving booking as late as a day before to save really big money. It’s not uncommon to hear of people snatching up last minute luxury holidays at ten percent of their original cost. Most comparison engines will still let you choose which resort you’d prefer to visit, so you won’t be restricted by your budget, and you can still go where the snow is.

Beg, Borrow and Steal

It’s worth spending money to rent the right boots and skis or board. Clothing is another matter entirely. The rental cost can significantly add to the overall expense of your holiday, so it’s always worth asking around. A lot of your friends will have barely used gear getting dusty in their attics, and most of them won’t mind you borrowing it for a week or two. It makes perfect sense, and it’s more convenient, as any time you spend getting fitted for clothing is time that could be spent out on the slopes.

Group Savings

This is another common sense one. Book in as large a group as possible to get the best deals. Larger apartments and chalets will offer you preferential deals, while ski passes are likely to be significantly cheaper when you all band together. Bulk buying food and drink will also become cheaper, and it could also influence the cost of your transport if you are going by car.

You’ll also have a lot more fun in a larger group, which gives you the flexibility that smaller parties lack. If some people want to go out, they will always have company. If some want to tackle some off-piste then they will always have a willing partner. It’s a win-win situation.