Top Sports Holiday Ideas For Individuals And Families

Do you like the idea of booking your next holiday around a major sports event? Would you like to attend an official tournament or competition with your favourite sports stars? Then you’ve going to find this article useful. We’ve worked hard to identify the most important events in the world. Everything mentioned on this page is due to take place in 2016. So, you need to work fast if you want to make all your arrangements in time. At the end of the day, sports events are very popular. That is why tickets often sell out very quickly. Every suggestion we’re going to make should be suitable for both individuals and family groups.



Scotland – British Open Golf 2016

The 2016 British Open Golf tournament is due to take place at the Royal Troon Golf Club in Ayrshire. Those of you who love the sport should book your trip as soon as possible. You’ll encounter lots of luxury Golf ticket info with a simple online search. Those of you living in the UK will have the advantage of low travel costs. Those living outside the UK will need to factor in the price of airline tickets. Why not make it a long break by checking out the Royal Ascot too? The event runs through most of July and attracts sporting enthusiasts from all over the world. It is your best opportunity to rub shoulders with the stars.



California – Super Bowl 2016

The Super Bowl is held at the beginning of every year in California. The next event is on 7th February in Santa Clara. Those of you who love American football simply can’t afford to miss out. It is the most popular football event in the country, and tickets sell well in advance. If you’re traveling from the UK, it makes sense to purchase a package deal. That should include flights, accommodation, and tickets to the Super Bowl. Just make sure you get in quick! Give it a couple of months, and you won’t find a ticket for love nor money.



Paris – French Open Tennis

Paris is an incredibly romantic city where lots of people choose to propose marriage to their partners. However, there is another side to the location most folks don’t get to see. Between May 22nd and June 5th, 2016, the city is home to a fantastic tennis tournament. The French Open has been running for many years now, and some of the most famous players take part in proceedings. The tournament became an open championship in 1968. Since that time, it has helped to highlight some of the best talents in the sport.

There should be enough suggestions there to keep you going. Of course, all major sporting events are listed online well in advance. That means you won’t find it hard to locate something that suits your tastes. Some people even like to book holidays around sporting activities. So, maybe you should consider a golfing holiday at one of Europe’s top resorts? That’s a guaranteed way to bump into sports stars in a relaxed environment.