Top attractions in Montreal

Few cities can conjure up such a pleasing combination of vibrant nightlife, wonderful cuisine and beautiful surroundings as that of Montreal. The Canadian city is famous for its deeply French heritage and as such offers a little more class and culture than you’ll find in many North American cities.

But that’s not to say that Montreal is stuffy as it’s truly a fun-lovers city. So whether you’re into stunning architecture, high-stakes gambling, or even just want a world-class bagel, then check out some of Montreal’s top attractions.

Beautiful scenery


As Montreal was named after the iconic Mont Royal that forms the heart of the city, it’s always a good idea to start your trip with a bus ride up the mountain to take in the stunning Montreal skyline.

The observatory at the Belvedere offers the perfect place to view the skyscrapers from. And as the St Lawrence River forms such a large part of Montreal life, then a quick river cruise can also offer a good way to get your bearings and see the sites that include the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the impressive facade of the Montreal Casino.

Street culture


As Montreal has a gloriously rich French heritage, you can easily take in the ‘old world’ charms of the colonial architecture around the Old Montreal area. Saint Paul Street in particular offers a pleasing array of bars, restaurants and boutique shops, plus it’s also the perfect place to pick up some poutine – Montreal’s incredible cheese, fries and gravy combination!

Montreal offers some fantastic nightlife opportunities with Dieu Du Ciel providing a great example of the city’s micro-brewing tradition, whereas gaming fans should be more than entertained at the Montreal Casino. Should you find yourself a little short of time, you can still find all of the roulette and poker games at the Spin Palace site that offers the latest mobile casino technology that’ll leave you free to explore the other delights of the city such as a walking around the chic neighbourhoods such as Plateau Mont-Royal.

Out and about


Once you’ve sampled a traditional smoked meat sandwich at one of the many colourful markets in the city, it’s a good idea to walk off your meal with a stroll around one of Montreal’s top-class museums. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts always has some spectacular collections and exhibitions, whereas the Biodome offers a vast array of bizarre plant-life and weird beasts!

But for a final bit of retail therapy, then the many fashion boutiques in the city’s Mile End area should provide more than a little entertainment before you have to say farewell to this irresistible and charming city.