Things to Consider Before Getting an RV Trailer


There are a few experiences things which connect humans who love to take an RV trip regardless of race, ethnicity and current location. It takes a bit of experience before we become a professional with our own system of doing things, and safety is always the number one priority. Traveling at highway speed with an RV trailer in tow brings with it one very real and possibly unrealized danger. The center of gravity, as well as the aerodynamics of the towing vehicle, has shifted, therefore both truck and trailer are more liable to flip in the case of an emergency maneuver or some other sort of maneuver. A great solution is purchasing a solidly built weight distribution hitch which adds stability by correcting tow vehicle sagging and improves overall steering and stopping maneuverability. A very important point to note is that a weight distribution hitch, when used with sway control, will correct the dreaded trailer sway.

Driving in Windy Conditions

While on the topic of tipping RV trailers, it is very important to note that tipping may still occur thanks in no small part to Mother Nature’s ability to play practical jokes. As a comparatively large and boxy item, an RV trailer provides a huge surface area for strong gusts of wind of have fun with. A strong tail wind or a cross wind at the right angle will flip any high profile vehicle so semis, trucks and RV drivers are usually advised to keep an eye on the weather report before heading out. The weather is not static and moving between locations can expose a driver to many changes in local weather. It is very important that you keep a very keen eye on what is happening as you proceed to that next point. If needed, pull off the road for a few hours if the winds are proving too strong for your liking. It is much better to lose a few hours of driving time rather than losing an RV or even worst, your life and limb.

South American RV Trip Ideas

After learning about some of the risks associated with using an RV, we now arrive at the most beneficial part of owning or renting a trailer; actually using it to create more fun, fulfillment, and memories. Thanks to the Pan-American Highway and the many countries it serves, it is fully possible to hop jump and skip across the South American Continent. While moving across South America, be sure to make a stopover in Peru. In addition to Machu Picchu, there are many other beautiful sights and experience which can be had. A great example is taking a free walking city tour of Lima which is Peru’s capital and largest city. One of the great benefits of touring Lima is the fact that while it is quite modern, there are many UNESCO recognized World Heritage sites to see. The city may keep it past relevant and alive, but it is definitely pushing for a better future.


Author bio: Rana Tarakji is an entrepreneur and a contributing writer at Stylerail, a lifestyle blog as well as Sataco, an electro mechanical company in Lebanon.