The Essential Narita Temple Guide

Already explored the famed Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple? Follow Radisson Hotel Narita’s helpful guide and spend a day exploring the city’s lesser known temples, from the Sogo Reido Sanctuary to the historic Hanko-Ji Temple.

Tosho-ji Temple

Also known as the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, Tosho-ji Temple commemorates the life of Sogoro Kiuchi – the former head of Kozu-mura who was executed for defending the rights of fellow villagers. Now home to a museum and host to an annual festival each September, this Japanese temple and memorial hall is an excellent place to learn more about Narita’s fascinating past.

Hanko-ji Temple

Founded in 1580, this historic temple was the first priest training institute of its kind in the region. In the years that followed, Hanjo-ji Temple became the largest and most esteemed Buddhist school of its time before being abandoned in the 19th century. Today, this Narita temple is regarded as the country’s oldest university, with a lecture hall and bell tower still in tact.

Daijion-ji Temple

First established by the Tang Dynasty in 761, this centuries-old spiritual destination was since restored in the Kamakura Period from 1185 to 1333. Today, the prominent architecture of Daijion-ji Temple remains, including the temple bell and the Chokusi-mon Gate.

Ryoshu-in Temple

Attracting crowds of locals and visitors alike, this ancient temple is said to bring blessings of longevity and easy childbirth for patrons who worship. Also the site of one of Japan’s most important cultural monuments, a Nio-mon gate, Ryoshu-in Temple is well worth the 20-kilometre journey north of the city.

Hokekyo-ji Temple

Looking for a temple to explore on route to Tokyo? Plan a pit stop at Hokekyoji Temple, located an hour west of Narita’s city centre. The head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, this spiritual sanctuary houses two of the belief’s most sacred writings, ‘Rissho-ankoku-ron’ and ‘Kanjin-honzon-sho’, as well as a traditional five-story pagoda and flowering cherry blossom trees within the temple gardens.
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