Foodies’ Guide to the Best Thai Food in Pattaya


One of the numerous reasons to come to Pattaya, besides visiting the beach, is to sample the unique food that has attracted the attention of foodies. Pattaya area has a lot of expats, ensuring that the food selection has a broad appeal across different preferences. You’ll find everything from the more unusual dishes like spicy papaya salad to sticky rice dishes and curries. In addition to Thai food, some of the top restaurants also offer fusion cuisine or an international menu, allowing you to customize your experience fully.

A Tasty Salad Option

One of the types of food you’ll hear a lot about is Som Tam salad. This tasty option is popular both in fine dining restaurants and from local food vendors. The mixture consists of green papaya pieces, which offer a unique, delicious taste. Red chili peppers and shrimp with fish sauce provide some extra flavor, and palm sugar is used to top it off. Many people enjoy this tasty dish because it is not only flavorful but also healthy.

A Fun Option to Go

Karta grills consist of cooked meatballs, made from beef, chicken or fish. They are customarily cooked fresh to order. This food adventure won’t be complete without the addition of spicy sauces with various flavor influences. Red chili, cilantro, or garlic are all attractive options. When you eat these grilled treats with the sauce, you’ll see why so many people enjoy eating them.

A Traditional Experience at Sugar Hut Restaurant

Visitors who want to eat in style will enjoy this traditional restaurant at the Sugar Hut Resort. Everything is served in a teak building with an open concept, letting you enjoy the night air as you dine while listening to traditional music. Curries with plenty of fresh vegetables, sticky rice dishes, and fried prawns are some of the highlights. Diverse flavors and a nice atmosphere are just what many diners want.

Options at Terrazzo

This restaurant at the Holiday Inn Pattaya has a broad selection of contemporary foods, perfect if you’re seeking some diversity in your dining choices while staying here. You can sample pasta with signature sauces, as well as an enormous selection of pizzas. One of the things that the chef has recently added is a broad assortment of barbecue snacks filled with local favorites like Chipotle chicken, garlic prawns, or lamb kafta. You’ll enjoy how much effort the staff puts into making everything a fabulous experience.

When you decide to try the various food options in Pattaya, you will be very pleased with the selection that is available. Going out to eat during your stay will be something that is one of the highlights of your visit. The restaurants in this area will give you an excellent taste of what is available. In addition to restaurants that cater to all preferences, you will encounter street vendors selling popular foods, as well as unusual selections. Because of the range of food choices, you’ll find that your food tour will give you an excellent taste of every recipe!