Eye Safety Tips For Your Sun-Filled Holiday


With the holiday season upon us, the coming months promise exciting times ahead and a chance to escape the daily grind. However, sometimes the eagerness to get away to sun-drenched regions of the world can lead to mistakes that could ruin your holiday – and in some cases the rest of your life.

Sorry to be drastic and negative, but it is true. Safety is something you should consider when on holiday, and one thing most holidaymakers do not consider is keeping their eyes sufficiently protected.

Yes, you probably have a pair of shades, but do they properly protect your eyes? UV light from a strong sun can seriously damage your vision and cause eye diseases including cataracts, snow or sand blindness, growths on the eye and even eye cancer. Nasty business – which is why you need to consider investing in a suitable pair of shades.

Diseases such as eye cancer and cataracts take years to develop, but it is not unusual for growths on the eye to show up in people in their teens and early twenties. One abnormal growth condition known as pterygium is particularly common in surfers, skiers, fishermen, and anyone who spends long hours in the sun – a typical past-time for most holiday makers.

Reaction to light sensitive cells in your eyes can also effect sleep cycles especially as you get older. Whilst our eyes do need minimal exposure to natural sunlight to maintain healthy sleep-wake cycles, exposure to intense heat will damage your eyes. Every time you go out in the sun without eyewear you are putting your eyes at risk in years to come.

Protecting your eyes on holiday

The brightness of the sun is typically more intense during the summer months, but can damage your eyes any time of the year. Not everywhere has the same grey clouds that shield brightness like we have in northern Europe. Even then, you cannot be fooled by clouds as thin layers of haze are still penetrated by UV rays.

Ideally you should protect your eyes as much as possible, both with a brimmed hat and a good pair of sunglasses. And don’t be fooled into thinking that a hat will prevent sunlight going directly into your eyes as UV rays bounce off reflective surfaces and will damage your eyes if they are exposed over long periods.

It should be noted that not all sunglasses will protect your eyes from intense sunlight. Arc welding light and reflective surfaces can protrude the underside and over glasses if they are poorly designed. Also cheap sunglasses do not have lenses that adequately protect your eyes from the sun.

Sunglasses are not merely a fashion accessory, but you still want to look cool in the sun which is why we recommend checking out the stylish summer collection by Shwood. Not only are they the hippest sunglasses around, but come in styles that protect your eyes from the sun from all angles and during practically any outdoor activity you want to do on your holiday.