Exotic Affordable Holidays in Puerto Vallarta

Taking a holiday today is a far different proposition than it was a couple of decades ago. Today, we have the advantage of cheap air travel and budget cruises, so we can afford to go to places that would once have been the domain of only the very rich. Exotic and exciting destinations are now just a few hours away by air, and you can reach just about any part of the world from your nearest international airport. The only problem is, where do you choose to go, and what sort of accommodation do you choose?

If you are looking for a destination that offers a combination of excitement and relaxation, with glorious weather, stunning beaches and a lively nightlife, you should look no further than Puerto Vallarta, a simply wonderful resort on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Located on the beautiful Bay of Banderas, with superb beaches and crystal clear blue waters, you can choose from a wide variety of luxurious vacation rentals in Puerto Vallarta, which we guarantee will provide you with the very best form of accommodation available. What is it about this superb place that makes it so special? Let’s have a closer look!

About Puerto Vallarta

Perhaps the most impressive and attractive part of Puerto Vallarta is the beaches; this is a resort famed for its beautiful, soft sand beaches, lined with palm trees for ideal shade in the afternoon, and with the wonderful warm waters of the Pacific lapping at the shore. There are many different beaches to choose from – the largest of all is the so-called ‘Beach of the Dead’, and don’t let the name put you off as it is a truly wonderful stretch of sand – but perhaps the best are the secluded and almost private beaches.

Playa las Caletas is a notably private beach, once the private retreat of the legendary film director John Huston. It contains a living reef a short distance from the shore, and is now a nature reserve and a wonderful place to dive. Yelapa is an amazing place that was once a genuine hideaway; these days you can take a boat there during certain hours of the day, but it becomes a reclusive retreat again once the tourists have departed. These are just a few of the amazing beaches that line the coast of Puerto Vallarta, and you have plenty more choice.

Snorkelling is a must in the clear waters of the bay, as the local rock formations which rise spectacularly out of the ocean are the perfect habitat for undersea wildlife and the many reefs are teeming with exotic creatures, or you could try sea fishing with one of the many charter boats that you can hire in the bay. You may also want to go surfing or if you are lucky enough to be there are the right time, you can watch whales playing in the water, a sight that you will never forget.

The beaches may be the main attraction for some, but the city itself has plenty to offer, too. Many excellent cafes can be found in charming plazas – the central plaza is a delightful pace – and there are lively bars that will welcome tourists and locals alike, while you must try the local cuisine!

Local Food and Drink

As is the case with all of Mexico, food plays a large part in the culture of Puerto Vallarta. The local specialities are seafood, of course, and with many excellent restaurants – some of them along the beaches so you can eat with a sea view – to choose from you simply must try the local dishes. Some of the finest restaurants can be found along the Malecon, the famous paved walkway that follows the shore, and in the Old Town section of the city, so check your travel guides for advice on where to eat.

What should you try? First, check out the local favourite – red snapper, caught in the bay, prepared with a garlic and spice sauce: it is simply delicious, and also inspirational. Or, if you are really daring, you might want to check out the traditional raw fish and scallops served in lime juice; believe us when we say it tastes a lot better than it sounds. There are many more dishes to try at the many restaurants, and you should also try the roadside or beach taco stalls for a real taste of Mexico!

Mexico is known for tequila, of course, and the best is to be found in the many bars across the city, Puerto Vallarta is largely pedestrianised, so you are vest walking. It’s not a large city, after all, so you will have little trouble getting from one place to another on foot. Enjoy the Spanish-influenced architecture, too, as it gives you a real feeling of what this lovely city is all about.

Choose Your Villa

You may be surprised to find out just how affordable a Puerto Vallarta villa holiday can be, and you also get the benefit of complete privacy and convenience. You can choose from one of many villas in quite spectacular locations, close to the beach and often with sea views, and you will find accommodation fit for a couple through to larger groups, perhaps as many as 12 people.

Check out the choice of accommodation now and you will see that you can afford a luxurious villa holiday in this quite spectacular place, and it will be one that you will never forget.