European Holidays on a Budget




From crystal, blue Mediterranean waters to crumbling ancient cities and the dizzying heights of the Alps, Europe is any travellers dream and is easily achievable on a budget, even in the most expensive of places. Over the summer months’ prices across Europe soar, so if you really want to get the best deals, travelling between late October and April is your best option. Alternatively, there a number of great deals available if you know the right places to look. Sites online can offer great ebookers discount codes for savvy travellers, looking to make their euros stretch that little bit further.

Here are some of the top places to travel in Europe on a budget.

Go East

Think the west is the best? Think again. The medieval cities and crystal blue waters of Eastern Europe are fast becoming the destination of choice for European travellers. As its popularity has grown, flights from UK airports to Eastern Europe have increased in volume and decreased in value. It is not uncommon to get a return flight for under £100 return. When you combine this with cheap accommodation and food and drink, you have yourself a bargain getaway.


The best thing about Eastern Europe is the diverse range of options it offers travellers. Looking for a relaxing beach trip? Head to Croatia where you will find cheap apartments and hostels right next to the beach. Renowned for its islands, take a boat trip across the Dalmatian sea to Hvar, a favourite of celebrities and backpackers a like, and swim in the famous blue caves. After a hike up to the city fortress, perched above Hvar town, relax with a cool Beveridge and watch the sunset at Hula Hula bar on the west side of the island.


Budapest – Hungary

Split in half by the Danube River, Buda lies on the hilly west bank of the city while Pest stretches across the flat east. The neo-classical, Art Nouveau and Baroque architecture provides the backdrop for a magical mix of history and culture, in an equally modern, fast-paced European city. A staple of Hungarian culture, spend an afternoon relaxing in one of the 5 bathhouses around the city. For those looking to party, the largest bath Szechenyi even hosts a party night complete with a DJ and bar or sign up for one of the fun bar crawls which takes you on a tour of the cities renowned ruin bars which have been set up in building destroyed during the war.

In terms of prices, Budapest is one of the cheapest cities you will find in Europe. On average a beer costs around 80 pence and cheap eats are a plenty. Like every city, accommodation ranges in price. Travellers on a budget will find centrally located accommodation at a very reasonable price. Keep your eyes peeled for great discount codes and offers on hotels.



A land of fairy tale castles, mountain caves and clean mountain air, Slovenia is a magical country that, until recently, was relatively untouched by tourism. Head to the capital Ljubljana and get transported back to medieval times with dramatic architecture and statues of mythical creatures a plenty. After a few days in the city get some fresh air by heading to Lake Bled; it’s just over an hour’s drive from the city. A must see while in Slovenia, the turquoise waters of the lake are surrounded by a quaint, traditional town. Hire a paddle board or kayak and make your way out to Bled Island, located in the middle of the lake, complete with traditional church.


Tourist spots are always going to be more expensive but with cheap flights and reasonably priced accommodation, Eastern Europe is the perfect option for those looking for a cheap getaway.