Enjoy The Adventure Of A Lifetime With A Canadian Ski Holiday

Canada is an awe-inspiring country. The sheer scale of the place is mind boggling when you visit. You feel as if you can breath for the first time in the expansive landscapes that are the envy of the world. It is also a long way from Europe, so those who cross the Atlantic get a real sense of adventure that local vacations don’t impress upon you.


Mike Lewis

If you wish to take a skiing holiday next year, don’t rule Canada out as a possibility. It can compete on all fronts with European resorts. There is something for all abilities too, so don’t feel daunted by the hundreds of thousands of acres dedicated to skiing over there. There is plenty of room for everybody.

You don’t need anything for your first experience other than some suitable clothing for the slopes. Skis and snowboards are for hire over there, and they have the experience to know which equipment is right for you. Because you will spend much of the day in sub-zero temperatures, you should pack plenty of thermal underwear. Here are a few other items to consider.

  • Ski goggles are essential. They stop the painful glare from the white landscape and prevent snow from getting into your eyes. The latest polarized goggles look cool too; that is vital in the ski world.
  • Ski trousers are of a material that breathes. It allows moist air to escape, so you remain dry if you sweat.
  • A ski jacket works like the trousers, but it will usually have a fleece lining for extra warmth. These items are likely to be expensive unless you can pick up a used set online. The internet can save you a fortune.

Here is a couple of places where you could spend your vacation and avoid the stress of daily life.

Whistler Blackcomb

Whistler is probably the most popular famous over there. The Alltracks Academy will coach you in the art of skiing, so it is suitable for beginners and experts alike. There is always something new to learn. The resort has over eight thousand acres of powder for you to enjoy. Start on the nursery slopes and progress to the more complicated ones when you are confident. If you try hard, you can achieve a lot on a two-week holiday.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is in Alberta and is an excellent family destination. It Is a massive resort, second only to Whistler, and caters for all levels of ability. If you ever wanted to try your luck at cross-country skiing, there is plenty of space for you to explore. It is difficult to describe the scale of these resorts; you need to experience them for yourself. They make those in Europe feel small by comparison.

I am a massive fan of Canada and all it has to offer. My skiing adventures began there, and I return every year to hone my skills and experience the warmth and friendliness of the people there. You will enjoy an active nightlife in most of the resorts, and the restaurants serve food to rival that in the best restaurants in the world. Don’t discount Canada because it is so far away; you might miss out on the holiday of a lifetime.