Ahmedabad Markets: A Hawker’s Guide

Ahmedabad Market 1

As Gujarat’s largest city, Ahmedabad welcomes thousands of visitors from across the globe each year. Although the city is best known for its textile museum and the Gandhi Ashram’s collection of the famous spiritual leader’s belongings, you must also experience the lively and fun hawker markets during your visit. Ahmedabad has several of these markets, which feature open-air stalls full of sensational merchants and culinary vendors.

Manek Chowk

If you are letting your taste buds guide your tour of Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk should be at the top of your list. This is one of the city’s best food-focused hawker markets, and TripAdvisor reviews clearly reflect this. Manek Chowk is always bustling and stays open late. Since there are so many delicious and unique options from the vendors, plan to arrive hungry whether you visit in the day or during the night.

Manek Chowk gives foodies from across the globe plenty to enjoy. The prices are very low in comparison with local restaurants. However, the market’s reputation for superior quality is hard to beat in Ahmedabad. There are plenty of options for all ages and dietary restrictions. From dholkas to bhajiyas, you will enjoy fresh and delicious culinary treats any time you visit.

Garvi Gurjari

This is one of Ahmedabad’s oldest markets. According to the Indian Express, it has been in existence for about 600 years and is home to more than 1,000 merchants and vendors who are permanent members. Since it is part of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project, this market went through several changes recently and will continue evolving.

If you are looking for the widest variety of merchants and food vendors in the city, Garvi Gurjari will not disappoint you. Several national crafting events are hosted in the market throughout the year. Although there are some food vendors here, expect to see mostly home furnishings, textiles, jewellery and unique, handcrafted decorations. As the day passes, you may find some popular items dwindling. Arrive early to see the widest selection and the most attractive merchandise.

Law Garden Night Market

If you prefer the pleasant night air and enjoy the way food aromas blend with it, Law Garden will impress you. Lonely Planet calls this market a great place to find glittering and attractive goods. Law Garden is a triangular-shaped market at the intersection of Netaji Road and NCC Road. As its name implies, this market also boasts a garden and a park. Enjoy a stroll through the market while you browse merchandise and hear live music. You can also relax in the park while you eat. Most food vendors in this market focus on vegetarian fast foods.

While these are the top markets to see before you leave Ahmedabad, there are plenty of other markets to discover. If you have time, be sure to pick up some fresh vegetables from the Kalupur Market and visit the Lal Darwaja Market to barter for the lowest prices on textiles. For easy access to all of Ahmedabad’s best markets, stay at the Radisson Blu Ahmedabad Hotel.