A Simple Guide for Living the Mediterranean Dream


Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Under the coalition government, it seems that more and more UK citizens are choosing to leave their country of birth and emigrate abroad. People leave for a number of reasons. Whether it’s for better employment prospects or simply to live a new life in the sun. When thinking about which country to emigrate to, most people want a place that offers sun, fun and a more relaxed lifestyle. So, are you one of the many Brits that are thinking about relocating? If you are, you better read our ultimate guide, because Turkey may well be the place for you…

Turkey is quite unique in the sense that it is a transcontinental country. The smallest part of it is located in South Eastern Europe, and the larger part is in Western Asia. Turkey’s culture takes its influences from both continents, so what you get is a diverse and eclectic mix of people and subcultures. It’s also a non-secular country, which means it has no official religion like some of its neighbouring countries. They firmly believe in the freedom of religious belief and expression, which makes them quite a unique and forward thinking country in many people’s eyes.


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Employment Opportunities

Turkey has a vibrant and thriving media industry, meaning there are plenty of job opportunities for those of the creative persuasion. However, you must ensure you get a work permit, which will allow you to look for work in a foreign country. You can do this by applying to The Ministry of Labour and Social Security. It’s crucial to do this before travelling to ensure there are no nasty surprises upon arrival. It’s also a good idea to brush up on your linguistic skills, and learn some of the local language. This will give you more option as to what jobs you can take, and will make daily living a lot easier.

Local Cuisine

The local cuisine in Turkey is simply to die for. There’s an abundance of fresh produce. And you’ll find that you can eat out at for a fraction of what it would cost in the UK. The Mediterranean diet is also far healthier than its Western equivalent. And many people believe that this is why Mediterranean people enjoy better health and greater longevity than us Westerners. Whilst this is largely true, it also comes down to their attitude toward food. To Turkish people, a meal is something to be savoured and enjoyed. They don’t tend to guzzle down ready meals and junk food the way that many Westerners do. It’s simply not a part of their culture.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Unique Architecture

In Turkey, Mediterranean villas sit comfortably next to grandiose buildings built at the time of the Ottoman Empire, as well as a whole host of contemporary homes. So, if you’re looking for property in Turkey, you’ll have plenty of options as to what type of house to go for.

So, it’s of little wonder that more and more Brits are emigrating to Turkey hoping to find a more affordable and better quality of life. And it seems that more often not, they find just exactly that.