5 Incredible Reasons To Visit Barcelona


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Barcelona is a fascinating city. The place differs from the rest of Spain; a fact that is due to the Catalan history of the city. The city itself is a buzzing urban environment where you can find loads of things to entertain you on a day to day basis. Here the streets are narrow and long, and so you get the impression that you are a tiny ant in a large city. Make the most of the city’s dining and cultural experience whilst you’re there and enjoy the sights to see. Here are five incredible reasons to visit Barcelona.

1. The City Is Cheap To Visit

Barcelona is cheap to stay in and to travel to, and so the vacation will be reasonable. So long as you have the right travel documents from the passport office in London you can visit the city on a budget. Look for cheap flights with discount companies, as many offer great deals flying to Barcelona. You might find it is cheaper to fly to the nearby Girona Airport and take a coach to Barcelona. Flights to Girona are cheaper than flights to Barcelona and a coach will only take you 40 minutes or less.

2. See Some World-Class Architecture

Antoni Guadi, the world-famous architect, created many stunning buildings in the city. Whilst you walk around the city streets, you will come across plenty of examples of his unique style of architecture. Guadi is famous for his fantastical designs in architecture. Each building looks magical in style and like something out of a fairy tale. The Sagrada Familia is perhaps the most well-known building that Guadi created within the city. The church stands tall in the center of the city and is a huge tourist attraction in the area. If you intend to visit the church, you should be aware that there is a fee to go inside and look around.

3. Learn About Catalan History

When you walk the streets of Barcelona, you are walking historic streets. Here important historical and political movements took place. The region is still fighting for independence from Spain and as such the locals are proud of their Catalan heritage. Here many of the people only speak Catalan and will refuse to talk in Spanish, although they know the language. Whilst you walk around the city, you will see many Catalan flags hanging from windows and on posts. The people in Barcelona are proud of their heritage and want everybody to know about it. If you want to learn more about the history of the city and the political background, you should read Homage To Catalonia. The book is a classic factual novel by George Orwell.

4. Walk Las Ramblas

You may have heard of Las Ramblas in the past when people talk about Barcelona. In fact, many of the streets in Barcelona end with the word ‘Ramblas’, and so you may find it difficult to find the main street. When you have found Las Ramblas, it is worth taking a walk up the street. Here you will find many street performers and restaurants. Street artists tend to stay in this street and perform throughout the day, so you might even catch an interesting show.

5. Picnic In The Park Güell

Park Güell is home to much of Guadi’s fine architecture. It is also a beautiful park, where you can enjoy a picnic on a sunny afternoon. You can enter the main park for free though you have to pay to go to some select areas. The park has a huge hill at the center of it from which you can see the whole of Barcelona. On top of the hill, there are usually singers or buskers. Here you will find the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing picnic in a cool, bohemian environment.