5 Amazing Yachting Holiday Destinations

Sailing around the Med or the Caribbean via a private yacht is not just for the rich and famous. Now, more and more “normal” people are taking to a yacht for their holiday. It has become an affordable way to travel for many mere mortals. What is more, it certainly is a holiday with a difference. Yachting holidays have always held a certain mystique about them. But, with the prevalence of chartered yachts for hire on the rise, we can all treat ourselves to a luxury holiday this year.

Some places are better than others for yachting. While Greenland is undoubtedly beautiful, it is somewhat cold on board a yacht. For sun, sea and surf this year, the obvious choice is yachting holiday.

Here are five of the best yachting holiday destinations.

1.    Caribbean

The hot, hot heat of the Caribbean holds a lot of appeal for many people. Crystal blue waters, white sands and abundant food make it an ideal destination to forget the troubles and strife of home. It’s an idyllic paradise. It’s the ultimate getaway. Amazing Charters offer a wide range of yachts for a lap around the Caribbean. What could be better than sailing around the calm waters of the most beautiful place on earth?

2.    Mediterranean

Seeking out the Mediterranean way of life is a must for many. The healthy lifestyle and beautiful European culture is a must for any intrepid explorer. Greece and Italy are perfect places to visit. With a rich and varied history and a gorgeous home cuisine, why would you not want to sail around the Med?

3.    Maldives

The Maldives is a firm favourite with many. For many people, a visit to this small island is on the bucket list. Little wonder too. It’s the ultimate tropical paradise. There is more to do within the Maldives than meets the eye. The National Museum is perfect for those that want to moor their yacht and explore more of this fascinating paradise. Inside the museum is Islamic and Buddhist art that is simply out of this world. Jumhooree Maidan is the capital of the Maldives. The small square is home to some fascinating places of interest. This is a great place to learn more about this beautiful country.


The Maldives

4.    Croatia

Croatia is the perfect getaway. The calm Adriatic Sea is the ideal place to sail a yacht too. The temperate climate is also perfect for those that want a summer jaunt. Croatia is also home to smaller islands. Brac and Lokrum are just stunning. They are accessible via your yacht, making Croatia a great place to island hop. The islands have a somewhat Italian influence, while still being distinctly Croatian.

5.    New Zealand

With 15,000 meters of coastline, New Zealand is a great place to seek adventure. The island is full of vibrant and diverse wildlife. The way of life is done at a slower place. For many, the Marine Reserves are the best place to start their New Zealand adventure via yacht. The Tasman Sea can be a little arduous for inexperienced yachters, but it’s a great place to visit and explore.