4 Accessories You Should Have Packed For Your Business Trip


So you’ve been on a couple of business trips and your career is finally taking off, but the events surrounding these trips have been less than enjoyable. Why might this be? You’ve been perfectly organised and your meetings have been successful, so what could be preventing you from having a good time? Often the most detailed plans are missing something crucial, be it the right attitude or the right luggage. Assuming you’d like to get it right this time around, here are 4 accessories you should have packed for your business trip.

Appropriate Clothing

First and foremost, you must pack comfortable and appropriate clothing. If you’re not comfortable and you don’t look the part, your business trip could feel like more of a failure than it actually is. Make sure you coordinate each piece of clothing in terms of colour and fabric, because this way you will look good whether you are dressed for work or not. You might also consider packing coat hangers so that your clothes don’t become creased. Making sure you have accommodation that caters for laundering and storing your clothes properly can help you stay sharp, so check out a company like Corporate Traveller. They should be able to set you up with a business-trip friendly place to stay.

Health Supplies

Prescribed medication is something you really can’t afford to forget, so make sure you have everything you literally couldn’t function without. If you have sensitive skin, pack your own face wash; if you’re travelling somewhere hot, pack some sunblock. It might also be a good idea to bring some extra food and drink, particularly filtered water. This is not to say that the water will be undrinkable where you’re going, but it might taste a bit different to what you’re used to, so pack a couple of bottles just to be safe.

Portable Items

One of the great things about today’s technology is how compact everything is. Tablets and laptops make documenting work so much easier, and travelling with them is almost fun. Also when it comes to luggage, the smaller the better. If this means having to bring two bags, go for it — one large suitcase is often difficult to manoeuver and restricts your options when you’re on the go. Make a special note to include any chargers or batteries you could need. Flat devices, especially in unfamiliar territory, can be a nightmare. A headphone splitter is also handy for business calls if you are in a loud area.


If for some unfortunate reason your iPad breaks or your laptop is stolen, you’ll be very thankful to have packed a pen and paper to write on. Backups are also highly important, particularly for a business trip. Tedious as it may be, backing up your work is the one thing that will save your skin if you lose your original copy. Any USB or hard drive will do, as long as it’s all there.

Bear in mind that no matter how experienced you are at travelling, you will always leave something important behind—there tend to be more travel essentials than you’d think! However if you remember the accessories listed, forgetting the rest won’t seem as dire once you arrive. You can get toiletry items anywhere, but prescription medication is a lot harder to find in a foreign place. Stick to this list and your trip will feel like a breeze, even if it doesn’t all go to plan.