Why You Should Visit Hong Kong as a Traveller and Not a Tourist


When you’re taking a trip to Hong Kong, you’ll appreciate the island more if you visit as a traveller instead of a tourist. The world is so fast-paced that many people visiting a different country feel they have to see as much as they can in as short a period as possible. You can see a lot of a country’s attractions when you book a tour. However, so many people are focused on taking photographs with their phones and posting them on social media that they’re missing out on a wonderful, cultural experience.

You can learn a lot about a foreign destination before you leave on your trip, depending on your interests. If you want to be a world traveller, take the time to learn about the major cities and towns, the culture and customs of the country, and read about people to dared to shape the nation. Find out more about whatever topics interest you the most, whether it’s performing arts, special events, or history. When you know more about your destination, the prospect of visiting becomes more exciting.

One thing to keep in mind is only to schedule trips to the places you want to visit first, so you can enjoy each attraction to the fullest. Your trip will be more enjoyable when you take plenty of time to visit each location on your list. One of the best ways to breathe in the atmosphere Hong Kong and its people is to relax at a pavement cafe. Hong Kong has a bustling coffee scene, and it’s a perfect opportunity to interact with residents of the city and enjoy a leisurely breakfast or lunch.

Be friendly and try to chat with local people that you meet in your travels. Making new friends will make your trip memorable and they can suggest places to visit that aren’t familiar to most tourists. Instead of a franchise restaurant, seek out the places the locals frequent. Sample the regional dishes at small, family-owned restaurants. You’ll dine on some wonderful dishes that you don’t find anywhere else. Hong Kong features great street food at the stalls known as Dai Pai Dongs. The stalls are found throughout the city and offer rice, noodle, and seafood dishes that many you can take on the go as well.

Hong Kong is a city of many cultures and religions, and spirituality and tradition are important to its people. One way to experience the culture of the city and soak up its atmosphere is to spend time at one of the historic temples dedicated to Buddhist or Taoist religions and worship of ancestors. The elaborate temples are open at dawn and remain open until sunset, so you can visit and leisurely explore the grounds. One of the most impressive is the Temple of the 10,000 Buddhas in the New Territories. To take part in a daily ritual with Hong Kong residents, take a Tai Chi class at The Peak, the highest point on the island, to balance your energy and enjoy breathtaking views of the city. The Peak Galleria has an observation deck, shops that sell local arts and crafts, and regional dining.

One of the major entertainment venues Hong Kong has to offer that new and previous visitors to the island love is the Hong Kong Ocean Park. The park has been a favourite place to visit for more than forty years, has exciting rides and marine life attractions. Hong Kong is known for its colourful festivals that take place throughout the year. The most extravagant festival is Chinese New Year with three days of celebrations, culminating in a fireworks display over the harbour.

The Novotel Hong Kong is an elegant, 4-star hotel that offers amenities that travellers to the island expect. The hotel in the centre of the business district has numerous dining and entertainment options nearby. In addition to the restaurant, bar, and fitness centre, the hotel features a tour desk. The staffs are helpful and can assist you in planning tours to attractions and activities that interest you. Many of the cultural and historic sites of Hong Kong are close to the hotel for you to explore at your leisure.