Visit Hong Kong’s Beautiful Temples and Be in Awe

Lam Tsuen Wishing TreeHong Kong, without a doubt is home to many beautiful and stunning temples scattered across its diverse isle and inlets. The temples play a big role in the lives of the people who seek peace, wealth, fertility or protection from these religious institutions. Hong Kong has many well-known temples across the isles and most temples are visually stunning and sacred. When visiting Hong Kong, it’s best to spend a day at these temples to admire the intricate architecture and pay homage to the local idols and deities.

The New Territories is home to many stunning local attractions as well as temples on the island. Man Mo Temple is a beautiful temple, built in tribute to Man, the God of Literature and Mo, the God of War. The temple was constructed in 1847 and is considered the largest Man Mo temple in Hong Kong. Visiting the temple, many visitors would spot a lot of worshippers burning several pieces of paper in the form of houses, cars and sometimes, money. By doing this, many people believe it is a way for the deceased to live comfortably in the afterlife. The temple is easy to find because of its close proximity to the hectic financial district.

Another temple to visit is the Tin Tau Temple and the Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree. Most people visit this temple because of this special tree. Upon closer examination, the tree is decorated with bright red paper. Wishes are written on these pieces of paper. Many people from around Hong Kong come to Tin Tau Temple to have their wishes granted. After writing down the wish on the piece of red paper, the people will throw the paper into the tree, hoping it to land on the highest possible branch. It is believed that wishes that land on the highest branches will be granted.

Located in Kowloon are the Chi Lin Nunnery and the Nan Lian Garden. The Chi Lin Nunnery is large and stunning temple complex boasting finely crafted wooden architecture and treasured Buddhist relics. Built in 1934 and rebuilt in 1990, the Chi Lin Nunnery followed the architectural style from the Tang Dynasty which uses specially cut wood to lodge pieces together. Guests can walk through the hallways, the Chinese garden; visit the hostels and a nearby vegetarian restaurant. Close by, visitors can head over to the stunning Nan Lian Garden, a garden spanning 3.5 hectares and is decorated with trees, rocks, lotus ponds according to a specific Chinese design.

If you’re currently booked at hotel Novotel Nathan Road, for example, you can easily hop onto the Jordan MTR station and zip over to Chi Lin Nunnery and Nan Lian Garden in a breeze.

Heading over to Hong Kong Island, Lo Pan Temple is considered unusual even by temple standards. Hong Kong is well-known for its diverse amount of deities dedicated to many beliefs and material things, including carpentry. Lo Pan Temple is the only temple in Hong Kong which serves as the patron saints to carpenters and builders. As expected, many builders in the industry would come to Lo Pan Temple and present offerings and pray for blessings. Several figurines can be found inside the temple and insightful Chinese poems.

Another temple to consider going is the Seven Sisters Temple which many worshippers pray at the temple for fertility. It is believed the temple can help couples who wish to start families. Interesting, there is a Seven Sisters Festival that falls on the seventh day on the seventh month of the lunar calendar and is known as the Chinese Valentine’s Day.