Top Six Travel Insurance Tips

Top Six Travel Insurance Tips


For many, the question of whether or not to get travel insurance is often ignored all together. In the stress of planning the trip and then subsequently planning for the trip, the idea of travel insurance is completely forgotten. While most people prefer not to think about the potential accidents that could happen during the vacation, being prepared ahead of time and purchasing travel insurance is a wise investment.


Just like you would protect your home with ADT in Texas, or wherever you are located, travel insurance protects you, your family, your belongings, and your money. Here are the top six travel insurance tips:

1. Know Your Options

When it comes to travel insurance, there are multiple types of insurance available: travel insurance for a trip cancellation, for a trip interruption, for anything medical related, for lost luggage, and even for the flight itself, among other types. With all of these options, it is important you are aware of what each insurance actually covers, and what types of insurance you do not want or need.

2. Insure Whats Important

While not every trip needs travel insurance, it is important to remember that some trips would benefit with travel insurance. For instance, if your trip is a weekend getaway that in the scheme of things did not cost too much, travel insurance might be unnecessary. However, if your vacation is one of those once-in-a-lifetime trips, the protection travel insurance offers you is worth the price.

3. Health Insurance

If traveling abroad, there is a high probability that your current form of health coverage will not cover you. Before investing in travel health insurance, check with your health insurance provider to see what is and is not actually covered. If it is not covered in abroad travels, it might be worth it to have in case you or a family member contracts something serious. Otherwise, you might be slammed with medical bills once you are home.

4. When to Buy

Travel insurance does not have to be purchased immediately after booking your trip. Some types of insurance can even be bought mere days before departure. However, waiting to buy insurance can be risky, as some travel insurance policies only let you buy a certain amount of time after booking the trip. If you are considering insurance, talk with a travel agent about when you can and can no longer buy insurance.

5. Price

With travel insurance, the cost varies from policy to policy, company to company, and even from age to age. Before booking insurance, make sure to do a bit of research beforehand on what companies have the best rate, best coverage, and best reviews.

6. Travel Credit Cards

Before purchasing travel insurance, if you have a travel credit card membership, check and see if you have any insurance benefits. Most cards do not cover anything large, but some might offer you baggage insurance, accident insurance, or even car insurance.


Before going away, be sure to consider whether or not travel insurance is a protection you want or need.


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