Things You Must Do and See In Western Australia

Western Australia is rich in natural beauty. More than 2.5 million square kilometers in size, this enormous area is made up of both dramatic coastlines and expansive desert landscapes. If you are looking for a holiday full of breathtaking natural scenes and unforgettable adventures, a trip to Western Australia will not disappoint.


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The Pinnacles

Near the coastal town of Cervantes lie the Pinnacles; a desert landscape pierced by tall limestone spears. Formed over millions of years by a combination of water and wind, these sand spires are a must see. Situated along the Indian Ocean Drive, you can marvel at the Pinnacles on foot or as part of an organized bus tour. For a more personal experience, you may wish to use Zippy Rentals car hire to enjoy the breathtaking views with just your family. Make sure you take your camera along with you as the striking landscape will produce remarkable photographs.

Whale watching

Western Australia is known for being one the best places to see whales in their natural habitat, in the world. The best time to see the whales is during May while they migrate north during their mating season. You can view the whales aboard a cruise or from purpose built towers that look over the ocean. Make sure you check the weather forecast so that you can dress appropriately for this excursion. Remember to take binoculars to get a closer look and a camera so you can capture the experience forever.

Experience the outback

For a truly rustic experience, put on your walking gear (and pack your tent if you are particularly adventurous) and head into the outback. On your journey through the outback you will be amazed by the contrasting landscapes, from towering rock formations, to cattle farms, to wide open red sand deserts. While you are on your outback adventure keep an eye out for Australia’s weird and wonderful wildlife, including crocodiles, kangaroos and dingos.

Visit the vineyards

Indulge yourself in the Margaret River wine region. This area produces some of the finest wine in Australia, so a tour and tasting at one of the wineries should not be missed. The area is well known for its top quality produce which you can feast on in one of the many restaurants or the boutique chocolate and cheese factories. There are often wine and food festivals hosted in the Margaret River area which will allow you to sample a little bit of everything.


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Have an Indigenous experience

Learn about the cultural heritage of Australia on an authentic Indigenous guided tour. During the tour, you will learn about the traditions and customs of the Indigenous people and will get a chance to speak with them about their history and their way of life. If you are especially interested in this experience, you may be able to stay overnight. You may also wish to visit one of the many sacred sites where you will see ancient Aboriginal rock paintings and engravings.

Cable beach

Dip your toes in the turquoise water and ride along the white sands on camel back at Western Australia’s famous Cable beach in Broome. The beautiful beach is the perfect location for swimming or sunbathing. Take a walk along the beach as the sun sets for an especially breathtaking experience.