Take the iDBUS to Amsterdam

amsterdamInstead of using other modes of transportation to get to their holiday destinations, many people are opting for international bus travel.  If you are planning on taking a trip to Amsterdam, but want to save as much money as possible we will discuss how you could do this by taking the Paris to Amsterdam – iDBUS

Understandably, you may have had some bad experiences travelling by bus in the past.  Buses can often be overcrowded and plagued by delays and can often be a very uncomfortable way to travel.  Travelling on a long bus journey with iDBUS though, you will be surprised at how different it is to conventional coach and bus travel.

Rather than having to go to some remote location or one of the bigger airports in the country, you can begin your iDBUS journey from the central London situated Victoria Coach Station.  There are routes that run from there to Paris – Bercy Station and Charles De Gaulle Airport and Lille.  Then from Paris, you can go on to cities in the North of Italy like Turin, Milan and Genoa; the French Riviera, Lyon, Brussels and Amsterdam.  If you are worried about crossing the English Channel because you fear of getting seasick, many of the iDBUS routes include a Eurotunnel section of the journey.

If budget is a big concern to you when booking a holiday, then iDBUS is one of your best and cheapest options.  You can travel using this service to Lyon for £45, Paris for £35 and Lille for the very inexpensive price of £29.  If you buy tickets using promotional deal you can expect to make even bigger savings.

If you are planning on travelling with your family or in a group, then iDBUS would be one of your best options in this situation.  There are special multiple seat deals in place so that if you book 4 seats you only have to pay for 3 and even better if you are travelling in a larger group, when you book 9 seats, you only have to pay for 7.  From a budget point of view, another bonus of travelling this way compared to flying is that unlike airlines, iDBUS will not add extras on top of the price you think you are going to pay.  This means that you will not get a surprise when you have your final bill.

With iDBUS you are allowed to check one piece of hold luggage and one carry on piece of luggage at no extra charge.  Another great idea, particularly if you are not fond of travelling and want to save money on hotel expenses, is that you could travel on a night coach service and sleep on the bus.

Another great thing about travelling with iDBUS is that, if you have ever travelled by plane recently you will know that you can get extra leg room and reclining seats but they cost extra.  With iDBUS, you get access to reclining seats and extra leg room as part of the ticket price.  What’s more your seats are assigned when you book tickets, so it doesn’t matter whether you are first or last getting on the coach.  Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the alternatives to expensive travel with airlines that is riddled with hidden and extra charges.