Make Sure You Have These Smartphone Apps Before You Travel

Smartphone apps are very helpful for your travel trip as they come-in very handy from preparation, planning, booking, leisure and guides each of each has a perfect smartphone app match. Now, there are many downloadable apps in apple and android store to make it easier for you we have categorized and filtered the top popular and useful app you should have before and while you are traveling.

Travel Planning Apps

  • TripIt Travel Organizer (Free, Android, iOS) – Is good for people who travels a lot. A convenient app which saves your, flight schedules, directions, bookings and other trip details. Saving your itinerary tickets could never been easier with TripIT app.
  • Flight aware (Free, Android, iOS) – Extremely useful app which allows you to view and track real-time flight status of an aircraft.
  • KAYAK Flights (Free, Android, iOS)- Smart travel search engine app, this app lets you access tons of popular sites to read destination guides it also compares flights, find accommodation and manage itinerary tickets.
  • Word Travel Guide (Free, Android, iOS) – Developed by Triposo, this app lets you download travel guide by each cities you pick and can be access even offline. This app is good for first time travelers.

Music Apps

  • Spotify (Free, Android, iOS) – Access millions of music around the world, pick your favorite music, create playlist and listen to it wherever you go.
  • SoundClound (Free, Android, iOS) – Love to create your own music? This app lets you save your own music recording and share it to million users across the globe.
  • TuneIn (Free, Android, iOS) – Reach your local radio station wherever you go, this app has the biggest collection of 100,000 radio stations which you can play online.

Maps & Navigation

  • Waze (Free, Android, iOS) – Don’t ever get stuck up on traffic again. Waze is the biggest traffic and navigation app, get real-time traffic and road conditions to improve your driving trip.
  • Google Map (Free, Android, iOS) – Number 1 popular navigation app develop by Google. A comprehensive and accurate maps which lets you view streets and choose the fastest route for your destination.


  • Fruity Madness Slots Lite (Free, Android) Game lay taken from the real game world fruity slot machine; this game is surely a stress reliever. This game doesn’t require real money to play, but if you like to play this game by betting real money check out this fruit machine games on your phone at Fruity Reels.
  • Travel Quiz (Free, Android)Are you a travel addict? How many places have you been? This app will test your travel knowledge. This game has stored over 100’s of travel and destination questions which is so exiting to answer.


  • AccuWeather (Free, Android, iOS) It is important to know first the weather condition of a certain place before travel for safety purpose. With this application you can be connected with the latest weather conditions and news updates minute-minute.


  • Skype (Free, Android, iOS) – Reach your love ones wherever you are. Skype lets you connect to your friends or family via video call for FREE.
  • Viber (Free, Android, iOS) – Send photos, video calls, voice recordings, files, locations and graphic stickers instantly to your friends.
  • Facebook (Free, Android, iOS) – Stay connected with the latest trend on social media. Facebook is the number one social networking site.


  • XE Currency (Free, Android, iOS) This app convert your money in different currencies. It also offers live proprietary currency rates and charts which can be save for offline viewing.


  • iTranslate (Free, Android, iOS)– Traveling abroad? Say Hello or any word in different languages. This app has over 50 languages which you can use for translation. Although this app isn’t perfect, still it is best for quick word to word translation.

Note that some of the apps mentioned are likely similar which have the same functionality. You don’t have to download each of these apps, just choose one of your preferred apps by each category and you’re good to go. Once you have these apps on your travel checklist, your trip will never be easier than before.