How To Get The Best Out Of Britain On Holiday

There is a long bank holiday coming up, and you haven’t organised anything for it. You know you and the kids haven’t been away for ages and they are nagging you for some holiday time. With all things last minute, there is rarely the budget to do anything on a grand scale either. With the passports missing somewhere in that drawer you meant to clear out last year, there is only one option – a holiday in the UK!

OK, maybe you’re not feeling too excited about the prospect of bad weather and expensive accommodation. The truth is, much of our little island is beautiful. We have a lot of wonderful things to see and do here, and it only takes a handful of hours in the car or on the train. Our terrain is perfect for all manner of outdoor activities like walking, hiking, climbing and cycling. We also have coastline less than 4 hours away in any direction.

One such coastline that offers marginally warmer weather than the others is the East coast. There is plenty of it too, from Kent and Essex, all the way up to the tip of Scotland. Perhaps the most holiday friendly part of these is the area in and around Skegness. This area has been a tourist favourite for decades. Accommodation needn’t be expensive either. There are many B&Bs and hotels. Campsites are popular in the summer too, but for a year-round place to stay, a caravan could be ideal. There are many caravans in the area. You could look up caravans for sale Skegness to find one that may suit you, or rent one privately in the area.


Thanks to Flickr for Sunny Skegness photo

Norfolk and Lincolnshire also offer some beautiful coastline. Where you pick will depend on what you want to do. Skegness is very family friendly, with great places to stay and plenty of seafront arcades and things to do. If you want some quiet time, there are lovely sandy beaches to choose in Norfolk and little tucked away places offering beautiful scenery.

Before you rush off to your short break destination, there are a few things you may want to consider. This is Britain. We have lots of rain and lots of wind. Even on a cloudy, windy day, you can be exposed to harmful UV rays, so don’t forget to pack your sunscreen. Pack a hat and pack some wet weather gear too. England is a mixed bag, and you never know what you’re going to get, especially on the coast. Let the kids know the rules for playing on the beach – always is sight and earshot. Pick a beach that is guarded if you can, and always take a bottle of water to drink or to wash the sand out of eyes in an emergency.

Finally, if your job leaves you prone to calls during unsociable hours, let the office know the rules about calling you while you are on holiday. Just because you are in the UK with a phone signal, it doesn’t mean they can intrude on your quality family time!