Have an Unforgettable New Year’s Eve with These Worldwide Celebrations

The New Year is a cause for celebration around the world. Although some countries celebrate their new year on a different calendar, many countries excitedly wait for midnight on December 31st. If you’re bored of spending your New Year’s celebrations at home, there are hundreds of places all across the globe. You can enjoy a new experience for a familiar tradition in whichever country you feel out. Some cities go all out. So if you’re looking for spectacular celebrations, there are some places that are better than others. Tokyo, Paris, New York and London all celebrate the holiday in their own way. Try one of these amazing New Year celebrations for an experience you’ll never forget.


Although Japanese people traditionally spend the New Year at home, there’s still a lot to do if you want to go out. It’s the one day of the year that the public transport system runs all day, so you can stay out as late as your want without worrying about getting home. At midnight, people congregate at Shibuya crossing, the best place to go for the countdown to New Year. If you want to spend the night in clubs and bars, you can visit places like Sound Museum Vision. But for a more traditional experience, visit the Meiji Shrine, where people will be queueing for the ritual of hatsumode. This ritual is the first shrine visit of the year.


Nana B Agyei


Parisians also often spend New Year at home, having dinner with their family. But you can still have a good time with the people who prefer to go out. Jet off to Paris on one of the private jets from your nearest airport and spend a romantic New Year in the city of love. Try Rue Oberkampf or the beautiful and romantic Montmartre to while away the hours in bars and cafes. Alternatively, you could just sit and watch the stars as midnight approaches, or go to trendy Pigalle for a wild night.

New York

You might have heard about the “ball drop” in Times Square, which takes place in New York every year. If you don’t know what it is, it’s when a sparkly sphere is lowered into the square. The tradition has taken placed since 1907, and now happens in other parts of America too. You need to arrive early to this big event if you want to get a good vantage point for the show. Aim to arrive in the early afternoon and stay where you are until late, and you could be watching huge stars like Lady Gaga as you ring in the New Year.


London loves New Year too, and you’ll find spectacular fun on the South Bank. You can watch the fireworks from the London Eye, but make sure you turn up a few hours early to get a prime viewing spot. The event is ticketed for the first time in 2014, however, so be prepared to pay to get a good spot.