Glamping – Fantastic Holiday Idea or Annoying Hipster Fad?


If you are starting to think about your summer holiday plans and would like to stay in the UK, you may have noticed the growing trend for luxury camping, or ‘glamping’ as it is often referred to. The concept of glamping is staying in tents or campervans out in a beautiful area of the countryside, but with more luxury. Whether it is DIY glamping – buying a vehicle from a caravan trader on Gumtree or the like and tricking it out to be the perfect luxury travel home – or staying at a ready made glamping resort, glamping is certainly on the rise. But is it really a cool way to spend your holiday, or is it just an irritating fad?

What Are the Benefits of Glamping?

Glamping essentially allows you to go on a holiday in the countryside and spend a lot of the time outdoors without having to forgo your usual luxury conveniences. If you are a town type person who likes the idea of being out in the woods and seeing some wildlife, but has no interest in sleeping on the dirt floor in an uncomfortable sleeping bag or spending most of your holiday looking like you are in the trenches of World War I, then glamping may well appeal. It can also be good if you have children who are perhaps not well equipped to cope with roughing it just yet, or are looking for an outdoor holiday where you can have fun and bond with the people you are with, but without any real hardship (this is why it has become a popular hen night activity).

So What Is Putting Some People Off?

Obviously fans of ‘real’ camping, that is the kind where you can only wear fleeces and trousers with lots of pockets and you have to sleep with the cold earth gently chilling your kidneys on a slight slope, think glamping is for wimps, but they are not the only people decrying this style of holiday as lame. Some say it is a silly trend that allows people who would really probably rather be in a nice hotel to pay just as much (if not more) for a faux outdoor experience. Others say it is simply a hipster fad, which appeals to those who like the idea of the countryside what with all its free range, farmer’s market style goodness, but need electric light to do their knitting by before jamming around the glamp fire with their ukuleles.

Is Glamping for You?

Certainly, glamping does have its naysayers, and you may be opening yourself up to a little ridicule if you announce this is the style of holiday you have chosen. However, it really can be a lot of fun, and if you don’t take it too seriously and enjoy it for what it is – a nice break in some attractive surroundings – you can certainly have a good, memorable time on a glamping style holiday in the UK.