Find These Undiscovered Gems on a Mediterranean Cruise


It will come as no surprise to most that the Mediterranean is one of the most popular destinations for cruise holidays: full of sun, sea, and delicious cuisine, what’s not to like? When considering a cruise to the Med, there are three potential routes, from the Eastern Med, the Western Med, or the Greek Islands. Each route has plenty to see – though there’s always the risk of running into tourist traps. However, Cruise Deals can help you find a way off the beaten track along this beautiful region.

Luštica Peninsula, Montenegro

There’s plenty of peace and quiet to be found on this southern strip of Montenegro, ideal for relaxing on the beach, surrounded by olive trees. The bright blue waters are reported to be some of the cleanest, and the incredible Blue Grotto is easily accessible. When it’s time to grab dinner, head over to Bjelica, a cute fishing village with plenty of delicious seafood to sample.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a top destination for holidaymakers and party people alike, but that doesn’t mean it will all be brimming with tourists. Arts lovers will enjoy seeing the medieval ‘giants’, feast day figurines now restored and displayed in the Santa Maria del Pi, a gothic style church. Other unusual uses for churches include the Supercomputing Centre, housing Europe’s largest supercomputer and now part of a University campus. For a picnic with a view, take a hike up to the Bunker del Carmel, built as an airbase during the Civil War of 1938, where you can enjoy a panorama of the entire city.

Dubrovnik, Croatia

While Dubrovnik’s city walls are brilliant, especially since their use as a major setting in the TV adaptation of Game of Thrones, there’s so much more to the city. Directly beneath the airport is the Skycellar, an underground wine bar; which you can enjoy a trip to after exploring the amazing museum at the Cathedral, built in the 12th century and containing the gold-plated remains of Saint Blaise, among other incredible relics. The nearby city of Smiljan contains the Tesla museum, converted from the scientist’s birthplace.

Civitavecchia, Italy

An absolute gem for history buffs, Civitavecchia literally translated to English is ‘Old Quarter’. A particular point of interest is the Temple of Poseidon, one of the few remaining artefacts of the Greek-Spartan colony of Taras. If the sun gets a little much, enjoy a trip to the New Town’s Archaeological museum, focusing almost exclusively on Taras and housing internationally renowned collections of jewellery and glassware dating back to 1BC. There’s plenty of local, family-run pizza restaurants to take advantage of too.