An Easy Guide To The Capital Cities In The UK

If you’re planning on travelling around the UK then, you have to hit the capitals. Made up of four united countries, the UK has four astounding capitals that you will want to visit on your trip. There are many things to see in each capital, and each offers a different vibe and atmosphere. Why not take a trip to each capital in the space of a week or two? Doing so will give you an idea of what each place has to offer. You will be able to spot the unique cultural differences between the countries. Whilst the UK is just one nation, there are plenty of regional differences that you will pick up on whilst you are travelling. Here is a brief guide to each capital city within the UK.


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London, England

Let’s start with London, then. London is the capital of England and one of the largest cities in the UK. For tourists, London has a great deal to offer. Of course, you should make time for the main tourist points in the city. Go and see London bridge, the London eye, Buckingham Palace and, of course, Big Ben. Once you have all the major tourist points out the way, head for the back streets. Carnaby Street, which is just off Oxford Street, is a great example of the capital’s shopping scene. On this street, you will find everything from designer wear to vintage chic pieces. Fashionistas will adore seeing this side of the city, especially given just how much choice there is on offer.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and as such has plenty of attractions for tourists. From the famous Edinburgh castle to the cobbled streets of the city, this place is one for lovers of all things historic. If you’re looking for accommodation in the city then try The Edinburgh Apartment. Many people use hostels when travelling to big cities, but an apartment of your own is the ultimate in luxury. If you happen to visit the city during the winter, then you are in for a real treat. In the lead up to Christmas, the city is home to one of the biggest German Christmas markets in the UK. You can ice skate whilst eating a bockwurst. What more could you want?

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Tourists often overlook the city of Belfast when travelling in the UK. The capital of Northern Ireland has seen its fair share of trouble over the years, but that doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. The city itself is a beautiful place. In the 1990’s, the city had a lot of money spent on it and is now a well-developed place. There is everything you would expect from a major city in Belfast. From nightclubs to shopping centers, this place has a lot to offer people. Whilst you are in Belfast, you must take the time to visit the best club in town. Limelight is one of the most-exciting clubs in the city and is often home to some huge celebrities.

Cardiff, Wales

Wales is a beautiful part of the UK and so you should not miss it out on your tour of the region. Cardiff itself is a fair bit smaller than other UK capitals, yet still has plenty to offer. Whilst in Cardiff you must visit the castle, where you can learn a lot about the Welsh heritage. The National History Museum in Cardiff is also a place of interest to many tourists, so it is worth looking at on your trip. Be aware that booking in advance will save you money on attractions.