A Backpackers Guide To South Africa

A Backpackers Guide To South Africa

South Africa is one of the most popular countries in the world to visit. Offering warm weather, amazing wildlife, vibrant cities and a joyful nightlife, this country just about has it all.

Because of the wide variety of activities available to participate in, it is essential that any tourist packs suitable items. Here I will run you through the four most important items I you need for a trip to South Africa.

Personal Alarm

Whilst South Africa is a brilliant country to visit it, like every country, does have drawbacks. The number one drawback is safety. Johannesburg in particular has one of the worst crime rates as a city in the whole of Africa. Whilst policing is improving, and crime rates are going down it is highly recommended that tourists still bring a personal alarm for precautionary measures.

Sun Cream

This may seem like an obvious selection but many tourists fail to bring suitable sun cream on trips to South Africa. Because of this they can end up with severely burnt skin. There have even been some cases of seizures and strokes, so it is highly essential that all tourists bring sun cream that can allow them to enjoy the warm weather rather than suffer in it.

Scruffy clothing/shorts

One of the best things about South Africa is the public access to wildlife. To fully take advantage of this it is highly recommended that tourists wear shorts and clothing that can afford to be ruined, as you never know when you could have to creep through a thorny bush to get a great view of a rare wild animal!

Suit/Tuxedo/Smart Clothing

Another one of South Africa’s highlights are its excellent gambling cities. Casino’s such as the “Emperors Palace” and “Golf Reef City” mean that gambling is now a bedrock of South African culture. Tourists should note that because of this strong culture, casino’s have very strict dress codes. For this reason a suit, tuxedo or other smart clothing is highly recommended in order to guarantee entry. If you don’t have one of these, you are best off playing mobile casino games at samobilecasino.co.za, or if you have chance at a site like www.premiumcasinos.co.za.