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The Essential Narita Temple Guide



Already explored the famed Naritasan Shinsho-ji Temple? Follow Radisson Hotel Narita’s helpful guide and spend a day exploring the city’s lesser known temples, from the Sogo Reido Sanctuary to the historic Hanko-Ji Temple.

Tosho-ji Temple


Also known as the Sogo Reido Sanctuary, Tosho-ji Temple commemorates the life of Sogoro Kiuchi – the former head of Kozu-mura who was executed for defending the rights of fellow villagers. Now home to a museum and host to an annual festival each September, this Japanese temple and memorial hall is an excellent place to learn more about Narita’s fascinating past.

Hanko-ji Temple

Founded in 1580, this historic temple was the first priest training institute of its kind in the region. In the years that followed, Hanjo-ji Temple became the largest and most esteemed Buddhist school of its time before being abandoned in the 19th century. Today, this Narita temple is regarded as the country’s oldest university, with a lecture hall and bell tower still in tact.

Daijion-ji Temple


First established by the Tang Dynasty in 761, this centuries-old spiritual destination was since restored in the Kamakura Period from 1185 to 1333. Today, the prominent architecture of Daijion-ji Temple remains, including the temple bell and the Chokusi-mon Gate.

Ryoshu-in Temple

Attracting crowds of locals and visitors alike, this ancient temple is said to bring blessings of longevity and easy childbirth for patrons who worship. Also the site of one of Japan’s most important cultural monuments, a Nio-mon gate, Ryoshu-in Temple is well worth the 20-kilometre journey north of the city.

Hokekyo-ji Temple


Looking for a temple to explore on route to Tokyo? Plan a pit stop at Hokekyoji Temple, located an hour west of Narita’s city centre. The head temple of the Nichiren sect of Buddhism, this spiritual sanctuary houses two of the belief’s most sacred writings, ‘Rissho-ankoku-ron’ and ‘Kanjin-honzon-sho’, as well as a traditional five-story pagoda and flowering cherry blossom trees within the temple gardens.
Ready to take a tour of Narita’s temples? Plan your stay at Radisson Hotel Narita and discover the regions most inspiring spiritual destinations on your doorstep.

Krakow Tours & Sightseeing the Old Town



kazimierz-krakow-tours (1)

Visitors to Krakow are spoiled for choice. As capital of Poland for more than five hundred years and seat of the monarchy, the city already had a long and rich history centuries ago. Today, the city welomes millions of tourists every year who come to discover the beauty and charm that has made it famous. But when planning your own visit, where do you even start to read about all there is to see and do? No worries – we’ve got you covered with a list of all the places that are a standard part of any Krakow Tours.

Krakow Tours – Walking through 1000 years of history

Krakow sightseeing is mostly focused around Wawel Castle, the Old Town and the former Jewish Quarter of Kazimierz. Walking around the the main square and hill where the castle sits takes you through centuries of events that shaped the city we see today, from a medieval moat and defensive fortifications to the founding of the main square and the grid street system to the 19th century when the city walls and moat were turned into a huge park that opened the city to new growth. Any good city guide will point out these landmarks and important stages of Krakow’s history as you make your way through its streets and squares.

But to truly transport yourself back in time, you need to make your way to Wawel Castle, the first permanent settlement in the area and the focus of local and later national power. The Cathedral and Royal tombs along with various exhibits inside the castle are obligatory stops on any visit. Families and kids should also be sure to pay a visit to the fire-breathing dragon of Wawel and his enchanted cave to learn the legend of the origins of the city.

A trip through Krakow’s Old Town has its own obligatory sites – the Florian Gate, the Barbican, the Cloth Hall, St. Mary’s Church and the City Hall Tower. We would also add a visit to the university district to that list as well, with its 14th century buildings. Krakow’s churches are often compared with those of Rome as they span the period from the early Middle Ages to the present day. Several of them, most notably St. Mary’s Church in the main square, have recently been restored to their previous colourful glory and renovations have brightened the shine and refreshed the charm of ancient walls and stained glass windows.

Every Krakow Guide knows that a visit to Kazimierz is on the minds of most visitors. It’s just a ten minute walk from the main square but for centuries was actually a separate and distinct city from Krakow with its own main square and Jewish Quarter. Today, Kazimierz is famous for its picturesque backstreets and quiet corners, stunning Gothic churches and Synagogues from different eras. Visiting these sites along with one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in Europe puts you closer to an atmosphere and culture that existed here for centuries.


Another side of Krakow – Nowa Huta Tour

Krakow’s more recent history is also full of fascinating twists and turns with both tragic and beautiful episodes. One of these has become very famous over the last few years and attracts tourists from all over the world. In the Podgorze district of Krakow, visitors can find a musuem in the former factor of Oscar Schindler that documents life in the city during the Nazi occupation. There are also multiple sites around Krakow related to the life of Karol Wojtyla, better known to the world as Pope John Paul II. Those looking for a real adventure away from the crowds can go to Nowa Huta, the socialist-realist planned city established by the postwar Communist regime and symbol of the resistance of ordinary people against totalitarian repression.


Guide to the unknown side of Krakow

A good local guide can show you around more than just the places that are popular with tourists and take you to hidden backstreets, local parks and places of historical interest off the beaten path. Krakow has a ridiculous number of places like this and there is something for every interest, hobby and style.

If you want to experience Krakow with the help and expertise of a licensed local Krakow guide, you can find out just how easy it is at Krakow Tours . See you here in Krakow!

Gems You Have To Visit When You Go To Blackpool

The town of Blackpool isn’t something you often hear about when it comes to traveling the UK. Normally, you think of great cities like London and Edinburgh with their high-quality attractions. In comparison, the thought of spending your vacation in a seaside town on the North Sea might not appeal. However, you should never judge a book by it’s cover because every town or city has hidden gems. Blackpool is no different. In fact, Blackpool has an array of attractions that every person should visit when they are in the area.

The Pleasure Beach

Blackpool Pleasure Beach is a theme park with a huge amount of rides and fun for all the family. In fact, it is one of the most popular theme parks in the whole of Britain, next to Thorpe Park and Alton Towers. The main attraction is the Big One, the biggest and most exciting of the rides. But, there are others such as the Big Dipper, Infusion, and Revolution. And, there are age appropriate rides for younger kids if yours aren’t old enough for the big roller coasters. The best thing about the Pleasure Beach though isn’t the roller coasters – it’s the price. An adult pass costs £23 and a child’s pass £21. If you don’t want to ride, you can get into the resort for less than £10. All in all that is cheap for a theme park.



Blackpool Tower

Holidays in Blackpool aren’t complete without a trip to the Tower. Blackpool Tower is 158 meters high, which gives you great views of the town and surrounding areas. And, the sheer thrill of standing that high in the sky is enough to send shivers down your spine. Again, the experience is very cheap, so it’s worth a visit just to see what all the fuss is about. It is by no means the Eiffel Tower, but it is a pretty good replica.



The Illuminations

On the face of it, Blackpool Illuminations are nothing that a bunch of lights that you drive past at night. Doesn’t sound like much, but they are surprisingly good fun. Driving past some of your favorite childhood characters is like going back in time and reliving your younger days all over again. Plus, the kids love the experience. The best time to go is during the Christmas season when the lights are at their festive best. But, they are always worth a look regardless of the time of year. Just make sure they are on before you go because they only light up at certain times of the year.

The Zoo

Every zoo is good fun, and Blackpool Zoo is no different. Some of the animals aren’t the most exotic or popular, but you have to remember the location. It is hard to get a fifteen stone tiger all the way to the North West of the country! Still, there are lots of animals that you don’t get to see on an everyday basis, and that’s always fun. If the zoo isn’t your thing, you can try Sea Life Blackpool. The seal life center is home to some of the best aquatic creatures you will find in an aquarium. Again, there aren’t any Orcas performing tricks, but that shouldn’t stop you from going.



Blackpool Beach

Yes, Blackpool is home to one of the few beaches England has to offer. Over the years, the beach hasn’t had the best reputation. But, the local council have been doing all they can recently to give it a facelift. They have succeeded because the beach is almost unrecognizable from before. It is much cleaner and sanitary from a start. During the spring and summer, Blackpool beach is a great place to waste away the hours while eating an ice-cream cone. You might want to avoid it during the winter because the weather can get quite rough

The Grand Theater

Fancy catching a show? There are plenty of great shows at the Grand Theater. The Grand is one of the oldest and most important theaters in the UK. In fact, the building itself is a Grade 2 listed building and protected by the government. You certainly get that sense of occasion when you watch a show thanks to the old school décor. But, the performances are far from old school. The best shows throughout the country tour as far north as Blackpool. When they do, they always hit up the Grand Theater.

It might not have the same reputation as other towns and cities in the UK. But, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have plenty of hidden gems. In fact, Blackpool itself is a hidden gem.


La Maddalena by Boat Charter: Protected but Accessible


Daydreaming at your desk again? It’s an acceptable means of fending off the winter blues. Another is to actually jump on those dreamy ideas and book a quick trip, and you could do worse than planning a jaunt to Sardinia in June. Really, any summer month would do, but you can beat the standard-issue holiday crowds and get lower prices by going earlier in the season. Draft some friends for a bareboat charter in Sardinia and set off for an affordable weeklong exploration in the protected waters of La Maddalena Archipelago.

If you have only a week or so, this area particularly lends itself to a sailing itinerary that gives you an authentic experience of the place in a short amount of time. Indeed, much of it is uninhabited and accessible only by boat. Located off the northern tip of Sardinia, the archipelago of La Maddalena is a national park with a protected marine environment; you can anchor there, but you should try to purchase your permit ahead of time in order to avoid extra fees. Permits and rules concerning anchoring are strictly enforced.

This area of seven large islands and lots of small ones holds a stunning collection of bays and beaches that have you wondering how there could be so many shades of blue in the world. It is the former home of a NATO and United States support naval base and has a small population of roughly 13,000 inhabitants. It still isn’t in heavy rotation for tourists, and although the local economy hasn’t benefited from its isolation after the closure of the naval base, it has kept the development in check and the sea environment healthy. You won’t see high-rises lining the beaches here.

The town of La Maddalena on the largest island is the only truly inhabited place within the archipelago, and it should be your first stop after sailing out from Marina di Portisco, located south of the airport at Olbia. Pedestrian streets climb up from the seafront and offer a selection of restaurants and gelaterias along with beautiful views. Pick up a walking guide for the islands and definitely plan to spend some time on land, where you’ll find satisfying saunters among juniper, rock formations, and fragrant shrubs.

Escape the “bustle” of the town and first sail southeast to the island of Caprera. Although it holds some small museums and the final home of the famous Italian general Giuseppe Garibaldi, wild goats outnumber the humans here and the protected bird species include peregrine falcons. From Caprera, head north to the islands of Budelli, Santa Maria, and Razzoli. Wonders abound underwater here, with red coral, schools of fish, and visibility for days. Budelli was made famous by Antonioni’s 1964 film Red Desert, and the island’s distinctive pink sand is due to the red coral in the surrounding sea. This island is no longer publicly accessible, but you’ll have no shortage of eye candy elsewhere.

There are plenty of budget flights out of Gatwick to Olbia. Upon arrival, you’ll find Sardinia relatively affordable, so you can provision your boat as well as eat onshore to your heart’s content. If you’ve had enough of daydreaming, plan your bareboat charter now to store up some memories for next winter.

Best Armenian Banquet Halls in Glendale


It may have so far proven to be difficult to find a banquet hall in Glendale, perfectly suited to meet your Armenian wedding needs. Do you know exactly what it is that you are looking for? Have you researched the available Glendale banquet halls that have all of the aspects to make them ideal options? If not, you might start there.

What Makes An Armenian Wedding?

For those who are not familiar, there are a few inherent differences between American weddings and Armenian weddings, most of which occur during the reception. In terms of the ceremony, there are cultural differences of course, but for the most part the ceremony will be filled with grace and poise throughout. It is at the reception where there are differences between the two – when the party breaks out.

First and foremost, an Armenian wedding is simply not complete without the grandest of entrances into the reception. This does not only go for the bride and groom, but for each member of the wedding party as well. Sweeping lights, loud music, truly an entrance worthy of a red carpet. As the bride and groom enter the marvelously flashy reception hall, everyone in the room will rush to greet them with whistles and claps. The crowd surrounds the bride and groom on the dance floor where the music and lights make way for an epic dance party.

This exceptionally loud dance party would not be complete without a wide array of culinary accompaniments. Waves upon waves of culinary delights. Food, music, lights, party – what more could you ask for?

Best Glendale Banquet Halls for an Armenian Wedding

Since Armenian weddings are all about being flashy and bold, only a venue that can stand up to the modern and lavish appeal that is necessary will do. The top three best banquet halls for an Armenian wedding that are capable of just this include:

  • The Galleria Ballroom

For more information about these wedding hall be sure to contact for more information.

Ahmedabad Markets: A Hawker’s Guide

Ahmedabad Market 1

As Gujarat’s largest city, Ahmedabad welcomes thousands of visitors from across the globe each year. Although the city is best known for its textile museum and the Gandhi Ashram’s collection of the famous spiritual leader’s belongings, you must also experience the lively and fun hawker markets during your visit. Ahmedabad has several of these markets, which feature open-air stalls full of sensational merchants and culinary vendors.

Manek Chowk

If you are letting your taste buds guide your tour of Ahmedabad, Manek Chowk should be at the top of your list. This is one of the city’s best food-focused hawker markets, and TripAdvisor reviews clearly reflect this. Manek Chowk is always bustling and stays open late. Since there are so many delicious and unique options from the vendors, plan to arrive hungry whether you visit in the day or during the night.

Manek Chowk gives foodies from across the globe plenty to enjoy. The prices are very low in comparison with local restaurants. However, the market’s reputation for superior quality is hard to beat in Ahmedabad. There are plenty of options for all ages and dietary restrictions. From dholkas to bhajiyas, you will enjoy fresh and delicious culinary treats any time you visit.

Garvi Gurjari

This is one of Ahmedabad’s oldest markets. According to the Indian Express, it has been in existence for about 600 years and is home to more than 1,000 merchants and vendors who are permanent members. Since it is part of the Sabarmati Riverfront Development Project, this market went through several changes recently and will continue evolving.

If you are looking for the widest variety of merchants and food vendors in the city, Garvi Gurjari will not disappoint you. Several national crafting events are hosted in the market throughout the year. Although there are some food vendors here, expect to see mostly home furnishings, textiles, jewellery and unique, handcrafted decorations. As the day passes, you may find some popular items dwindling. Arrive early to see the widest selection and the most attractive merchandise.

Law Garden Night Market

If you prefer the pleasant night air and enjoy the way food aromas blend with it, Law Garden will impress you. Lonely Planet calls this market a great place to find glittering and attractive goods. Law Garden is a triangular-shaped market at the intersection of Netaji Road and NCC Road. As its name implies, this market also boasts a garden and a park. Enjoy a stroll through the market while you browse merchandise and hear live music. You can also relax in the park while you eat. Most food vendors in this market focus on vegetarian fast foods.

While these are the top markets to see before you leave Ahmedabad, there are plenty of other markets to discover. If you have time, be sure to pick up some fresh vegetables from the Kalupur Market and visit the Lal Darwaja Market to barter for the lowest prices on textiles. For easy access to all of Ahmedabad’s best markets, stay at the Radisson Blu Ahmedabad Hotel.

Top attractions in Montreal

Few cities can conjure up such a pleasing combination of vibrant nightlife, wonderful cuisine and beautiful surroundings as that of Montreal. The Canadian city is famous for its deeply French heritage and as such offers a little more class and culture than you’ll find in many North American cities.

But that’s not to say that Montreal is stuffy as it’s truly a fun-lovers city. So whether you’re into stunning architecture, high-stakes gambling, or even just want a world-class bagel, then check out some of Montreal’s top attractions.

Beautiful scenery


As Montreal was named after the iconic Mont Royal that forms the heart of the city, it’s always a good idea to start your trip with a bus ride up the mountain to take in the stunning Montreal skyline.

The observatory at the Belvedere offers the perfect place to view the skyscrapers from. And as the St Lawrence River forms such a large part of Montreal life, then a quick river cruise can also offer a good way to get your bearings and see the sites that include the Notre-Dame Basilica, and the impressive facade of the Montreal Casino.

Street culture


As Montreal has a gloriously rich French heritage, you can easily take in the ‘old world’ charms of the colonial architecture around the Old Montreal area. Saint Paul Street in particular offers a pleasing array of bars, restaurants and boutique shops, plus it’s also the perfect place to pick up some poutine – Montreal’s incredible cheese, fries and gravy combination!

Montreal offers some fantastic nightlife opportunities with Dieu Du Ciel providing a great example of the city’s micro-brewing tradition, whereas gaming fans should be more than entertained at the Montreal Casino. Should you find yourself a little short of time, you can still find all of the roulette and poker games at the Spin Palace site that offers the latest mobile casino technology that’ll leave you free to explore the other delights of the city such as a walking around the chic neighbourhoods such as Plateau Mont-Royal.

Out and about


Once you’ve sampled a traditional smoked meat sandwich at one of the many colourful markets in the city, it’s a good idea to walk off your meal with a stroll around one of Montreal’s top-class museums. The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts always has some spectacular collections and exhibitions, whereas the Biodome offers a vast array of bizarre plant-life and weird beasts!

But for a final bit of retail therapy, then the many fashion boutiques in the city’s Mile End area should provide more than a little entertainment before you have to say farewell to this irresistible and charming city.

How to plan The Perfect Stag Party


Before you lose your bachelor freedom, and your buddy becomes your best man, it is highly advised to plan a stag do. Haven’t you always wished for it? Now’s the time to bring that wish come true. Thinking of which, you would like to plan it first, so that nothing is left to make the bash a happening one. Here are a few tips you’ve been desperately looking for:

The List: You cannot organise a stag party at random. There are a lot of things involved in making it successful. One of the important factors is deciding on the guests. Not everyone can be available at the same time, you must ensure that you have the attendees list ready and start confirming with them. It definitely saves you from headaches. Moreover, you get all the time for other necessary stuff.

Location: Once the list is ready, the next thing you thin is the destination. Although there are so many locations but there must be a party spot which is your most liked. It is advised that you choose a location in nearby areas only so that most of the guests can make it to the party. On the contrary, if you are a favourite among your mates, choose any destination and they will accompany you. After all, the day is all yours, and nigh too.       

Schedule: The party destination is fixed. What’s next? Plan a time table that includes tickets, packing, etc. A proper schedule ensures that you are not leaving any important stuff behind. Besides, the early you reach, the long you will get to enjoy. Moreover, it gives you time to relax as well. Make sure you are in line with the timing of everything. You surely don’t want a delay on this.

Visit to the Venue: Now that you are the perfect place, it’s time to begin the excitement. Make an early visit to the party spot to ensure the arrangements are all set to compliment the party mood. Check if the food and drinks are in place, the introduction stage is set up, the seating arrangements are right, dance floor is organised, etc.

Banker: It’s your few last hours of freedom, you should not be doing the calculations. Instead, hire a banker to do the math for you. This assures you that there is no over spending and you are right at your estimated budget. Once you are high spirited after your stag do, you surely don’t want to get into the mess of calculating for your drinks and food. Let your guy do it for you.

Live it up until your last breath. Your bash, your call. With proper planning, you are sure to have a blast with your close buddies. Make sure you choose the destination which turns out to be nothing but perfect. Well if you are still confused about the location, Budapest Stag Do is the one to make you crush your boredom. Happy stag to you!

Bangkok is Fashion: The Best Luxury Shopping Malls


Bangkok, Thailand is a lively Asian metropolis for the veteran shopaholics. Visitors to the vast metropolis should have no problems finding excellent shopping destinations. Thailand is one of Southeast Asia’s top shopping hubs for all budgets; whether an individual is searching for an affordable bargain or splurge in luxury goods, Bangkok has lots to offer. If you love luxury shopping and high-end designer brands, however, there are three ideal malls in Bangkok to satisfy any shopper’s hunger.

Siam Paragon

Siam Paragon is a visually-striking structure made of steel and glass. It’s a must-see destination due to being one of Instagram’s most heavily photographed locations in Thailand. The shopping center is full of luxury apparel, gadgets, sports cars, and even home improvement products. Siam Paragon is noteworthy for being among the largest malls in the area. The options in luxury shops and goods at this mall are truly abundant. Shoppers can explore the offerings from world-renowned luxury brands such as Givenchy, Louis Vuitton, Cartier, and Mikimoto, for example. Whether a customer is looking for luxury jewelry, expensive accessories or fashionable attire, there’s absolutely no shortage of choices here.

Siam Paragon features many exquisite dining establishments, ranging from gourmet delights such as French, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, American, or Italian cuisines and more. Most of the dishes in the mall are moderately priced as dishes are roughly 120 THB to 250 THB per a la carte meal. However, those expecting to accompany their meals with fine wine can expect to pay more.

Additionally, Siam Paragon has one of the largest and most comfortable movie theaters in Bangkok. A standard movie seat in Bangkok estimates to roughly 120 THB per seat. In Siam Paragon’s Paragon Cineplex, there’s an assortment of seat prices to choose, starting from 120 THB to 800 THB, or even 1200 THB per seat. The more expensive seats feature a butler service and have the most comfortable seats in the theater.

The EmQuartier

The EmQuartier is a new Bangkok shopping center, targeting luxury shoppers from around the world. Located by the Phrom Phong BTS station, the mall is a great place for customers interested in all things luxury-related. People who fancy internationally renowned fashion houses are sure to appreciate their plentiful shopping options at The EmQuartier. The mall features brands such as Jimmy Choo, Dior, Kate Spade, Coach, and Gucci and more. Although EmQuartier is undoubtedly a top destination for shoppers searching for a little designer luxury, it has its share of more popular, yet, inexpensive brands, too. Some examples of these less expensive brands include Super Dry, H&M, and Zara.

Another memorable feature at this mall is its soothing water garden in the Helix Quartier. The garden, sponsored by Kasikorn Bank, is a two-story garden with manmade ponds, small waterfalls, and decorated with real plants, trees, and stones. The water garden is the perfect place to snap that selfie or group shot with the rest of Bangkok used as the backdrop. Heading up the water garden and directly into the Helix Quartier, there are fifty or more restaurant options to choose. Walking up the spiral pathway, customers are thrilled to observe an assortment of international cuisine ranging from Thai, Mexican, American, Japanese, Italian, and more.

Central Embassy Shopping Mall

Central Embassy Shopping Mall is notable for being another great Bangkok locale for lifestyle and luxury needs. Not only is the mall excellent for people who savor luxury brands, but it is also wonderful for people who love gourmet dining at high-end establishments. In business since May of 2014, this large mall has an elegant and chic atmosphere that contributes to its luxurious setting. People who appreciate style are sure to love the clean white decor of this shopping Centre. Some examples of the many respected designer brands that are available at the Central Embassy Shopping Mall are Gucci, Christian Louboutin, Bottega Veneta, CH Carolina Herrera, and Hermes.


Shoppers looking to purchase luxury outfits, handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, and accessories, in general, are sure to have an enjoyable time looking around at what Central Embassy Shopping Mall has to offer customers. Central Embassy Shopping Mall, last but not least, also has a chic and classy theater for movie lovers.

Bangkok ultimately is a shopaholic’s paradise. Bangkok is a shopping hub for customers with items ranging in different price models. While locating a luxury mall in Bangkok is quite easy, it is quite imperative to stay at an accommodation close to Bangkok’s major transportation routes. The Dusit Thani Bangkok Hotel is one of the hotels directly close to the Silom MRT line, which is interchangeable with Sala Daeng BTS station. Hopping on either one of the lines is convenient, especially if tourists purchase the train’s 30-day passes or 3-day passes, depending on your time in Bangkok.

Bangkok, the City of Angels or a shopaholic’s paradise is the perfect place to spend your vacation in Southeast Asia on a memorable and relaxed getaway.

10 Music Landmarks You Have to Visit in Liverpool


Liverpool is immensely proud about the city’s extensive musical history. Home to The Beatles, Echo & The Bunnymen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Cilla Black and so much more, you cannot turn for musical landmarks dotted across the city. We’ve therefore selected our 10 top picks you should explore during a visit to the Guinness Book of Record’s “City of Pop”.

1. The Cavern Club

The Cavern Club is no ordinary music venue. Located at 10 Mathew Street in Liverpool city centre, it was known as Liverpool’s home of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1960s, and it is venue were The Beatles performed on numerous occasions at the start of their careers.

Before the Fab Four dominated the world, they conquered the Liverpool music scene and then some. The Beatles made their Cavern Club debut on 9th February 1961, soon after returning from Hamburg, Germany, where the band performed at the Indra and the Kaiserkeller Clubs.

A popular act at the club, The Beatles performed an incredible 292 times between 1961 to 1963, playing their final gig on 3rd August 1963, just one month after the band recorded their hit “She Loves You”. Six months later, the Fab Four embarked on their first trip to US, when Beatlemania had already spread across England.

Cilla Black also had a part-time job a s a cloakroom attendant at the famous Cavern Club, mentioned previously, where she impressed The Beatles and the band’s promoter, Sam Leach, with her impromptu performances, providing her with her big break.

2. Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

The first Liverpool Philharmonic Hall was built for the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society in 1846, opening in 1849, but was destroyed in a fire in 1933. In order to provide audiences with incredible performances year after year, the hall was rebuilt in 1939, and has gone on to stage 250 events every year, including 60 classical music performances.

The Royal Liverpool Philharmonic is regarded as the UK’s oldest surviving symphony orchestra in the world, and is the only professional orchestra in the world that offers its own hall. The Liverpool Philharmonic is therefore one of the most celebrated music venues in the city.

3. Mendips & 20 Forthlin Road

Step inside the childhood homes of John Lennon and Paul McCartney, which are now National Trust properties in Liverpool. 251 Menlove Avenue, known as Mendips, was John Lennon’s where he lived with his with Aunt Mimi from 1946 until the middle of 1963.

Paul McCartney and family moved into 20 Forthlin Road in 1955, when Paul was attending secondary school. The McCartney lived in the Allerton home until 1965, when Paul bought a house for his father, James, in a wealthy area of the Wirral. It was in this very house that Lennon & McCartney composed the hit song ‘I Saw Her Standing There’.
If you are planning a trip to Liverpool, there are plenty of amazing hotels to choose from in the city, including The Shankly Hotel that celebrates the life of the late football manager Bill Shankly.

4. Billy Fury Sculpture

Billy Fury was an early rock ‘n’ roll star that was born in Liverpool, who spent an incredible 332 weeks on the UK chart with 24 hits in the 1960s. Some of his most famous hits include ‘Jealousy’ and ‘Wondrous Place’. On 19th April 2003, a bronze statue of Billy Fury was erected at the iconic Albert Dock, and was donated by ‘The Sound of Fury’ fan club.


The Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA) is one of the UK’s leading institutions for performing arts, and was started by Sir Paul McCartney and Mark Featherstone-Witty OBE. Opened by Her Majesty The Queen on 7th June 1996, LIPA now offers a varied range of performing arts courses, including Acting, Music, Theatre and Entertainment Management, Theatre and Performance Design, Sound Technology, Dance and Theatre and Performance Technology.

Out of only 5,255 applications received via UCAS in 2010, only 208 applications were accepted, and so is a creative hub that celebrates everything from music to technology.

6. Liverpool Empire Theatre

The Liverpool Empire Theatre has been providing incredible performances since the theatre first opened its doors in 1925. Some of the world’s most famous faces have stepped inside this beautiful auditorium, performing entertaining shows for an audience of 2,348 people.

Just some of the musical legends to have taken to the Liverpool Empire’s stage include Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland, Kate Bush, Shirley Bassey and Neil Sedaka, to name but a few.

7. Ma Egerton’s Stage Door

Ma Egerton’s Stage Door is a quaint pub located behind the Liverpool Empire Theatre, and is where the theatre’s stars would enjoy a tipple before or after a show. The pub is named after landlady Ma Egerton, who ran the pub for 20 years during the 1930s, who became close friends with some of the famous stars, including Judy Garland and Laurel & Hardy. Other stars who have stepped inside Ma Egerton’s Stage Door include ol’ blue eyes himself Frank Sinatra, Liza Minelli, Sammy Davis Jr, The Beatles, Amy Winehouse, Marilyn Monroe and The Rolling Stones.

If you would like to continue your musical experience back at your Liverpool hotel, book a stay in a popular Signature Living hotel – which includes a music-inspired room in the form of The Iconic Penthouse, with rooms inspired by legends such as John Lennon and Jim Morrison.

8. Scotland Road

Singer and TV presenter Cilla Black sadly passed away just a few months ago, but her life lives in her many hit singles, such as ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’ and ‘You’re My World’. The late singer grew up in the Scotland Road area with her parents John and Priscilla, two older brothers and her cousin. Back in 1963, shortly before the release of her debut single Love of the Loved, a 20-year-old Cilla said “We live in Scotland Road – a fabulous area. It’s a long road with a pub on every corner. if I was rich I’d love a big gear house, but I’d like it in Scotland Road”.

9. Cream

Cream is known as one of the most famous nightclubs in the world, and has played host to some of the biggest DJs on the planet, such as former resident DJ Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, Carl Cox and Paul van Dyk. The nightclub has also offered exclusive sets from The Chemical Brothers.

Cream offered so much more than a nightclub, it became a lifestyle for those in love with house music. While Cream may have closed in 2002, Nation nightclub still offers three to five Cream events every year, drawing thousands of people into Liverpool.

10. Echo Arena Liverpool

The Echo Arena Liverpool is located alongside the Albert Dock and plays host to various entertainment performances throughout the year. Offering 10,600 seats, the biggest names in music, comedy and theatre have take to the stage to wow audiences.

The magnificent arena opened in January 2008 and has hosted a number of superb international events, such as the MTV Europe Music Awards and Cirque du Soleil. Some of the most famous stars to perform in the Echo Arena Liverpool include Beyonce, Bob Dylan and Elton John.